HSY7 Solenoid Valve

HSY7 Solenoid Valve

Kode Produk:SLE009
Harga: Rp.90.000,00

This type of valve is the core part of the coil is wound with 100% oxygen-free copper, using industrial grade material highest insulation package, the product package after a good insulation level is high, corrosion resistant, waterproof, the bathroom, water boilers and other environmental best choice, product coil long-term use under normal conditions. Avoid burning coil caused by failure. The product is currently selected for many brand manufacturers.

Solenoid valve specifications:

  • The valve is normally closed solenoid valve, which is powered on (through the water), power off (without water), this section of impermanence open type.
  • Voltage Specifications: This has DC12V
  • Interface: six exceptionally Thread! Power terminals for plug-piece, using the 6.3 plug spring.
  • Pressure: This is the micro-pressure valve (with pressure), there is pressure valve is suitable for 0.02-0.8MPA pressure is generally not recommended to use no pressure valve, there is no pressing need to contact a small two valves.
  • Rated power: 5W,
  • Work: quota system (ie, intermittent duty cycle, the risk of the longest continuous work about four hours, ten minutes after the stop can continue to work more than four hours will burn the coil)
  • Fluid: (0-95 ° C) water
  • Water flow characteristics: 0.02Mpa> 2L / min; 0.10Mpa> 10L / min; 0.30Mpa> 16L / min; 0.80Mpa> 28L / min
  • Product dimensions:
  • Insulation: insulation resistance between the conductor and non-conductor greater than 100MΩ
  • Insulation class: E class insulation


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