DCF-HS1 Solenoid Valve

DCF-HS1 Solenoid Valve

Kode Produk:SLE011
Harga: Rp.90.000,00
  • The valve is normally closed solenoid valve, which is powered on (through the water), power off (without water), this section of impermanence open type.
  • Voltage Specifications: This has DC12V common voltage specifications need to be customized for other voltages, 500 from the set, contact the store small two!
  • Interface: four exceptionally Thread! Power terminals for plug-piece, using the 6.3 plug spring.
  • Pressure: This is the micro-pressure valve (with pressure) and non-pressure valves (0 pressure) are two kinds of pressure valves are suitable for 0.02-0.8MPA pressure, no pressure applied to 0-0.15MPA pressure valve, please according to your actual needs.
  • Rated power: 5W, ask yourself the current count, the addition explain this section electrical connection without the positive and negative points!
  • Work: quota system (ie, intermittent duty cycle, the risk of the longest continuous work about four hours, ten minutes after the stop can continue to work more than four hours will burn the coil)
  • Fluid: (0-100 ° C) water
  • Water flow characteristics: 0.02Mpa> 1.5L / min; 0.10Mpa> 7L / min; 0.30Mpa> 12L / min; 0.80Mpa> 20L / min



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