6V 520mA 3W Solar Panel

6V 520mA 3W Solar Panel

Kode Produk:SPN003
Harga: Rp.155.000,00


  1. High conversion rate, high efficiency output
  2. Excellent low-light effect
  3. Epoxy resin with high transmittance quality, hardness is 80, the surface scratches can not be avoided, but does not affect the working
  4. Unique technology makes assembly solid and beauty can anti-snow, easy to install
  5. Within the framework of specific techniques to avoid water freezing and deformation

Features :

  • Typical voltage: 6V
  • Typical current: 520mA
  • Watt : 3.1W
  • Dimensions: 145x145x3.5 mm
  • Back sheet: PCB
  • Type of solar cell: Mono-crystalline solar cell
  • Epoxy Plate

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