Servo Tester Gear CCPM

Servo Tester Gear CCPM

Kode Produk:MTR007
Harga: Rp.50.000,00


  • Output: 15mA (5.0)
  • Input: DC 4.2-6.0v
  • output signal: 1.5ms 0.5ms
  • Size:46 * 32 * 17MM
  • Weight: 8g
  • adjustment: manual, automatic, and the median.


  1. can easily detect and set the dummy bit servers, jitter and median.
  2. You can connect two servos or ESC; MCU control, good stability, high accuracy. Turn the knob, steering gear can be detected.
  3. If you connect the electronic governor (brush or brushless), you can get rid of the remote control device for manual control, for testing tone

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