Intel Galileo Gen 2

Intel Galileo Gen 2

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The Intel® Galileo Gen 2 development board is a microcontroller board based on the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 application processor, a 32-bit Intel® Pentium® brand system on a chip (SoC). It is the first board based on Intel® architecture designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with shields designed for the Arduino Uno* R3.

This platform provides the ease of Intel architecture development through support for the Microsoft Windows*, Mac OS*, and Linux* host operating systems. It also brings the simplicity of the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) software.

The Intel Galileo Gen 2 board is also software-compatible with the Arduino software development environment, which makes usability and introduction a snap. In addition to Arduino hardware and software compatibility, the Intel Galileo Gen 2 board has several PC industry standard I/O ports and features to expand native usage and capabilities beyond the Arduino shield ecosystem. A full-sized mini-PCI Express* slot, 100 Mb Ethernet port, Micro-SD slot, 6-pin 3.3V USB TTL UART header, USB host port, USB client port, and 8 Mbyte NOR Flash* come standard on the board.


Intel Galileo Gen 2 improves on Gen 1 by replacing the RS-232 console port with a 6-pin 3.3V USB TTL UART header. New additions to the Intel Galileo Gen 2 board include 12-bit pulse-width modulation (PWM), console UART1 redirection to Arduino* headers, 12V Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability, and a power regulation system that accepts power supplies from 7V to 15V.

Physical Characteristics

  •     10 cm long and 7 cm wide with the USB connectors, UART jack, Ethernet connector, and power jack extending beyond the former dimension
  •     Four screw holes allow the board to be attached to a surface or case
  •     Reset button to reset the sketch and any attached shields

Processor Features

  •         Instruction set architecture (ISA)-compatible 32-bit Intel® Pentium® processor
  •         16 Kbytes L1 cache
  •         512 Kbytes of on-die embedded SRAM
  •         Simple to program: single thread, single core, constant speed
  •         ACPI-compatible CPU sleep states supported
  •         Integrated real-time clock (RTC) with optional 3V “coin cell” battery for operation between turn on cycles
  •         400 MHz clock speed

Storage Options

  •         8 Mbyte Legacy SPI Flash to store firmware (bootloader) and the latest sketch
  •         Between 256 Kbytes and 512 Kbytes dedicated for sketch storage
  •         512 Kbytes embedded SRAM
  •         256 Mbytes DRAM
  •         Optional micro SD card offers up to 32 Gbytes of storage
  •         USB storage works with any USB 2.0 compatible drive
  •         11 Kbytes EEPROM programmed via the EEPROM library

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