44E Hall element Hall sensor

44E Hall element Hall sensor

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    44E Hall element genuine original

Brief introduction :

When a current through a metal or a semiconductor wafer is placed in the magnetic field perpendicular to the both ends of the sheet will generate a potential difference, this phenomenon is known as the Hall effect. Having a potential difference at both ends is called the Hall potential U, its expression is U = K · I · B / d wherein K is the Hall coefficient, I is the current through the sheet, and B is the applied magnetic field (Loren Ci magnetic induction force Lorrentz), d is the thickness of the sheet. This shows that the sensitivity of the Hall effect of the level of the applied magnetic field proportional to the intensity of the magnetic induction.

Outline drawing of the Hall sensor and the role of the magnetic field relationship as shown on the right. Magnetic field provided by the magnet, paired with Hall sensor and magnet.
Hall sensor detects the speed diagram below. The paste in the edge of a disc of non-magnetic material a magnet, the Hall sensor is fixed near the outer edge of the disc. The disc each rotation, the Hall sensor outputs a pulse. The rotational speed of the disc can be drawn by the microcontroller measuring pulse frequency.

Note: When no signal is generated, you can change the direction of the magnet, Hall requested alnico direction. No magnetic steel output high, have magnet output low.


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