Hall Sensor Modul

Hall Sensor Modul

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Hall sensor module
The speed sensor module counts the sensor module for magnetic field detection
Product Name: Hall sensor module
Product Size: 31.5mm * 14.0mm * 9.0mm (L x W x H)
color: blue
Product weight: 3 g (with packaging)

1. Operating voltage: 3.3 - 5V
2. Use the 3144E switch type Hall sensor.
3. When the sensor senses the magnetic field, the digital output is low, the signal light is on; if no magnetic field is sensed, the digital output is high and the signal light is off.
4. With power indicator and signal indicator.
5. Output form: digital switch output (0 and 1) AO mouth is invalid
6. LM393 comparator output, model clean, good waveform, drive ability, more than 15mA.
7. With fixed bolt holes, easy to install fixed.
8. Can be used for motor speed, location detection and so on.

Sensor function introduction:

3144 Hall switch integrated circuit application Hall effect principle, the use of semiconductor integrated technology manufacturing magnetic circuit, which is by the voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger, temperature compensation circuit and the collector Open the output of the composition of the magnetic sensor circuit, the input for the magnetic induction intensity, the output is a digital voltage signal .

The sensor has the following characteristics: small size, high sensitivity, fast response, good temperature performance, high accuracy, high reliability.

Wiring instructions:
1, VCC positive power supply
2, GND power negative
3, DO TTL digital output
4, AO analog output (different distance output different voltage)

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