iBeacon Module BLE 4.0

iBeacon Module BLE 4.0

Kode Produk:MOD103
Harga: Rp.400.000,00

iBeacon module firmware supports CC2540 and CC2541 BLE 4.0 modules


The new version RealBeacon module (1.1), using optimized to enhance the antenna, no shelter up to 80 meters. The current firmware supports OAD wireless firmware upgrade, you can use TI's iOS app TI Multitool upgrade
Broadcast interval default is 500 ms, according to an integer multiple of 100ms modification;

iBeacon deployment capabilities, details, see Firmware Description:

Set into the deployment status can effectively prevent unauthorized device is connected to RealBeacon to safeguard security

1.7 batteries (AAA) supply, with power switch, two buttons and LEDs
2 size 3 cm x 5.5 cm, height 1.5 cm (plus battery box)
3 based on TI's low-power Bluetooth chip CC2540, mature and stable
4 optimized version PCB antenna, high performance, non-blocking cover distances up to 80 meters
5 Major / Minor ID can be modified (range: 0 ~ 0xFFFF)
6 Beacon UUID can be modified to be compatible with different broadcast standards
7 broadcast interval can be dynamically adjusted (100m sec to 10 sec.)
8 Device Name Device ID can be dynamically modified
9 OAD air support upgrade




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