433 HC-12 SI4463 Wireless

433 HC-12 SI4463 Wireless

Kode Produk:WRL019
Harga: Rp.140.000,00


  • power supply voltage 3.2V~5.5V. (if the module to work for a long time in the launching state, recommend avoiding module built in LDO fever when the supply voltage is more than 4.5V are connected in series with a 1N4007diode,)
  • default communication distance (open field test): 600m (maximumcommunication distance adjustable up to 1000m, the baud rate 5000bps).
  • default idle current: 16mA (current under different operating modes ofdifferent modules).
  • size of the module: 27.8mm * 14.4mm * 4mm.
  • operating frequency range (433.4 - 473.0MHz, as many as 100 communication channels) 100mW maximum transmit power (set)
  • the default factory settings: FU3 working mode, the baud rate 9600bps,CH001 communication channel (433.4M).
  • Interface protocol: UART/TTL
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃


Pin :

  • VCC = Regulated 3.3V or 5.5V
  • GND = Ground must be common with microcontroller.
  • SET = Setting Mode (Internally Pulled High) - Leave floating(High) is normal mode. To enter config mode pull the pin low either from switch or external MCU and send AT commands to configure.
  • RXD = Receive Input:
  • TXD = Transmit Output:


Package : 1 Modul & 1 Antena

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