SY-RF008 RFID Reader

SY-RF008 RFID Reader

Kode Produk:RFD003
Harga: Rp.220.000,00

simple operation, fast reading card. Belong to standard Human Interface Device do not need to install driver, can be in any of the edit box read card number (such as notepad, WORD, etc.) text editing software, this function is suitable for extensions on the existing software, without having to make any changes on the original software;

product technical indicators:


  • communication mode: standard Human Interface Device communication;
  • Brand : SARY
  • Interface: full speed USB device interface, compatible with the USB V2.0, universal serial bus (USB) interface;
  • Power supply mode: USB universal serial bus (USB) interface power supply;
  • Working frequency: 125 KHz;
  • Induced maximum distance: 8 ~ 15 CM;
  • Support the card types: EM series, 4001 series and compatible with radio frequency ID card;
  • Power consumption: less than 0.5 W;
  • Installation dimensions: 110 x 80 x 30 mm
  • Using the environment: 0-50 degrees Celsius temperature, humidity, 50-95 rh, pressure: 88-106 kpa.
  • Reader Time : Less than 100ms
  • Scope of application
  • Member management, identification, such as: club, school, government, enterprises, social security and charging management, Internet cafes, etc.

 How to use :

  1.     Connect the RFID reader to PC’ USB port with the USB cable.
  2.     The PC will detect the RFID reader automatically and install it as a HID device.
  3.     After installation successfully, open “Excel “or other application program to read the RFID Tag and the ID will be shown on the screen.


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