APDS-9930 Digital Proximity Gesture Sensor Modul

APDS-9930 Digital Proximity Gesture Sensor Modul

Kode Produk:SSR111
Harga: Rp.78.000,00

APDS-9930 Digital Proximity Gesture Sensor Modul

APDS-9930 provides I2C compatible interface in a single 8-pin package ambient light sensor (ALS, Ambient Light Sensor), and proximity sensors with infrared LED, where ambient light sensor using a dual LED to approximately 0.01 lux illuminance low lumen human visual response performance, high sensitivity provided so that devices can operate after dark glass. The proximity sensor can be a fully adjustable 100 mm object detection, eliminating the terminal equipment and sub-assembly factory calibration requirements. From bright sunlight to dark rooms, proximity detection feature can work well. Adding micro-optical lens modules provide high efficiency infrared energy transmission and reception, can reduce overall power consumption. In addition, the internal state machine allows the device to enter a low-power mode, bringing the average power consumption low.


  • Integrated ALS, an infrared LED and a proximity detector optical module
  • ambient brightness sensing (ALS, Ambient Light Sensing)? Approximate the human visual response
  • Programmable with upper and lower threshold interrupt function
  • Up to 16-bit resolution
  • High sensitivity operation after dark glass
  • 0.01lux low lumen performance
  • Fully calibrated to 100 mm Detection
  • Integrated IR LED and synchronization LED Driver
  • Exempt proximity sensor factory calibration
  • Programmable range of 2.7 ms to more than 8 seconds
  • I2C interface-compatible? Up to 400kHz (I2C fast mode)
  • Specific interrupt pins
  • Sleep mode power - 2.2μA typ
  • Small package 3.94 (L) x 2.36 (width) x 1.35 (H) mm


  • dimmable mobile phone backlight
  • You can disable the touch screen mobile phone
  • Notebook / Monitor Safety
  • Speakerphone mode is automatically enabled
  • Auto pop-up menu
  • Digital Camera Eye Sensor


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