5MW Diffuse Laser Sensor

5MW Diffuse Laser Sensor

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5MW Diffuse laser sensor detects the smart car black and white lines obstacle detection switch


Power Supply: 5V
Power Consumption: 0.5W
Environment: -10 C -90 C
Product use: angle of 80 degrees from the ground to detect black and white lines, can reach 1M, 90 degrees from the vertical detection angle between the ground as far as up to 3M. (At different angles, different detection distance, through the lens focus develop an appropriate detection distance) above is OUR test results to Wang

Laser Focus Skills: First spot moves to the appropriate position (into the black line inside), AF trial, it will flare out to the whiteboard outside the lens into the receiver tube top, while moving
Lenses. While sub-Kanban indicator changes. Assuming successful spot focus moves to the whiteboard or black line has a different level change.

Note: The laser reflection sensor there will be some blind spots, detecting distance farther, the blind spot is. In the detection range of up to 1M, when blind is about 20CM.

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