300 A AC Current Sensor

300 A AC Current Sensor

Kode Produk:SSR095
Harga: Rp.530.000,00


  • Characteristic.
  1. The input coil is the built-in; compact and lightweight, retractable structure, base with fixed opening;
  2. Totally enclosed, mechanical and environmental performance, voltage isolation capability is strong, safe and reliable.


  • Suitable environmental conditions:
  1. the environment temperature: -40  ~+85 oC
  2. the relative humidity: when 40oC not more than 90%.
  • Frequency range: 20Hz~400Hz.
  • Heat insulation levels: level B (130 centigrade).
  • Safety features:
  1. insulation resistance: normal is greater than 1000M;
  2. the dielectric strength: can withstand power frequency 6000V/1 minutes;
  3. flame retardant: meet UL94-Vo level.

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