BTN7971 High Power DC Motor Driver

BTN7971 High Power DC Motor Driver

Kode Produk:MOD089
Harga: Rp.300.000,00

1 Specifications:. 4.5 * 3.1CM
2 Input voltage :7.2-20V
3 Output current :0-68A
4 Protection: Integrated reverse, optocoupler isolation circuit, microcontroller and effectively protect the safety circuit module. Prevent burn!
5 leads 5 pin board (5V GND IN1 IN2). Convenient user self-test, test procedures and supporting X128

IN1, IN2 connected microcontroller PWM mouth, OUT1, OUT2 is connected to both ends of the motor module output, VCC, GND to 7.2V power supply, +5 V to 5V power input (for use when the test module, so does not require formal use).

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