Raspberry Pi ADS1256 DAC8552 AD/DA Expansion Board

Raspberry Pi ADS1256 DAC8552 AD/DA Expansion Board

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  • Onboard DAC8552, 2ch 16bit high-precision DAC, up to 30MHz output
  • Onboard ADS1256, 8ch 24bit high-precision ADC (4ch differential input), 30ksps sampling rate
  • onboard input interface via pinheaders, for connecting analog signal analog sensor modules
  • Onboard input/output interface via screw terminals, for connecting analog/digital signal
  • Features AD/DA detect circuit, easy for signal demonstration


  1.     Raspberry Pi GPIO interface : for connecting with the Pi
  2.     AD/DA input/output : screw terminals
  3.     AD input : pinheaders, the pinout is compatible with Waveshare sensor interface standard, easy to connect various analog sensor modules
  4.     7.68M crystal
  5.     LM285-2.5 : provides reference voltage for the ADC chip
  6.     Photo resistor
  7.     LED output indicator
  8.     10K potentiometer
  9.     DAC8552 : 16bit high-precision DAC, 2ch
  10.     Power indicator
  11.     ADS1256 : 24bit high-precision ADC, 8ch (4ch differential input)
  12.     ADC testing jumper
  13.     DAC testing jumper
  14.     Power selection jumper
  15.     ADC reference ground configuration : when AD single inputted, the AINCOM is reference terminal, can be connected to GND or external reference voltage



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