3DR Power Module ESC BEC Module for APM PixHawk

3DR Power Module ESC BEC Module for APM PixHawk

Kode Produk:PBS037
Harga: Rp.265.000,00

UBEC, sub-panels function as one of three APM current and voltage sensors, eliminating the need for conventional APM galvanometer output also point line troubles, simplify cabling, and is compatible with APM2.5 / APM2.6 / APM2.8 / PX4 flight Control. 3 times using double-sided copper PCB Immersion Gold process, a large current is stable and reliable; UBEC onboard switching power supply 5.3V / 3A

Using three large-capacity tantalum capacitor input and output filtering to ensure a stable supply of APM; current voltage sampling circuit compatible 3DR galvanometer, without calibration, you can use a simple set of flight control after then.

Technical Parameters:

  • Dimensions: 50mmX50mm
  • Installation pitch: 45mmX45mm
  • Output sub-line: 6 way
  • Voltage input:7-26V
  • Voltage sampling: 10/1
  • BEC Output: 5.3V / 3A (PWM switching)
  • Compatible for APM 2.5 2.6 2.8 PIXHAWK
  • Compatible for Quadcopter Hexacopter Octocopter

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