PiFace 2 Digital Raspberry PI

PiFace 2 Digital Raspberry PI

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  • 2 Change over Relays
  • 4 Tactile Switches
  • 8 Digital Inputs
  • 8 Open-Collector Outputs
  • 8 LED Indicators
  • Graphical Emulator
  • Easy to program in Python 3 and 2, Scratch and C
  • Support for interrupts
  • Relays can be used to switch voltages up to 20V (Max) or currents up to 5A (Max)

PiFace Digital is designed to plug on to the GPIO of your Raspberry Pi Model B+, allowing you to sense and control the real world. With PiFace Digital 2 you can detect the state of a switch, for example from a door sensor, a pressure pad or any number of other switch types.


  •     Experiments with Scratch
  •     Light Gates
  •     Detectors and Alarms
  •     Birdbox Sensor
  •     Simon (Game)
  •     Game Controllers

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