DIY Monitor Screen for Raspberry Pi

DIY Monitor Screen for Raspberry Pi

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*Keterangan: Barang hanya LCD dan modul saja tanpa Akrilik

Operating voltage: 12V 1A power supply current requirements less than 2A, as with the best car power plus a regulator to prevent interference

  Rated power :6-7W
  Signal Input: 2 AV + VGA
  System format: PAL / NTSC

  HDMI Input: HDMI 1.1 version

  VGA input: 800 * 480 physical resolution, support for resolutions range 640 × 480 --- 1600 × 1200 adjusted between!
  AV1 video input (DVD devices can be linked or front camera)
  AV2 video input (to the car automatically switches to the camera screen)
  Plug and Play: Support
  OSD Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
  Control: Multi OSD operation or potentiometer to adjust the brightness and color
  Features: The mature programs, clear display

Reversing the priority feature set:
     A, the default boot last saved channels.
     B, boot, reversing signal, switch to AV2, reversing the signal disappears, back to the original channel.
     C, standby, reversing signal, switch to AV2, reversing the signal disappears, return to standby
  Support image flip up and down, the image 4:3 / 16:9 display format conversion
  Scope: used video intercom, onboard computer, instrumentation, industrial control, medical equipment, military equipment, portable display devices and other electronics.

Accessories: LCD + driver board + key board



LCD screen parameters:

Display size 7 inch
Dimensions 165.0 (W) * 100.0 (H) * 5 (D) mm /
Viewing area 154.08 (H) * 85.92 (V)

Resolution 800 * 3 (RGB) *480
Dot pitch 0.05 (W) * 0.15 (H) mm
Viewing Angle L70 ° R70 ° U50 ° D60
Panel Type TFT
Display Color 262K
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Brightness 220cd/m2
Interface Type Digital
Wiring Number 50 PIN Digital (TTL) TCON
LED backlight
20ms response time
Operating temperature -20 c ~ 80 c
Weight TBD
Applications Mobile DVD, digital photo frame, car systems, multimedia applications and other audio-visual systems

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