DIY Proto HAT Raspberry Pi

DIY Proto HAT Raspberry Pi

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Harga: Rp.90.000,00

Prototyping PCB for the Raspberry Pi model B+ or Raspberry Pi 2.

  • Design your own expanded version of a high degree of custom circuit to dress your personal PI 2, A +, B + using this lively HAT prototype kit.
  • It has a 0.1inch (2.54mm) prototype solder hole connection chips, resistors, LED, potentiometer, etc.. Hole and traces of imitation solderless breadboard you are familiar with the following grid connection. There are long power strip is + 3V, + 5V and ground connection line. At the top, we broke almost all the pins, you might want to connect to the PI.
  • It comes with a printed circuit board and a 2 × 20 GPIO head of Raspberry Pi GPIO, provides original at the top of your Raspberry Pi (like a cute little hat ......), this version does not come with the EEPROM, so you need not worry about the EEPROM address conflict. You can use the standard 2 × 20 row home.
  • A little light needs to be connected to the PCB welding head, but it's very easy to work. This HAT Shields is only with Raspberry Pi A +, B + or PI 2 compatible! It will not end with Raspberry Pi A or B work.





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