RS-360 Brushed Motor Micropump

RS-360 Brushed Motor Micropump

Kode Produk:RBT0166
Harga: Rp.140.000,00
The pumps can be used in the experiment, fish tank, model pump oil´╝îLiquid pump, gear type pumping model, used for aquarium,  model .
  • Motor Diameter: 2.7 cm
  • Motor Length: 5.2 cm
  • In and out of water hole diameter: 4 mm
  • Weight : 70g
  • Motor model : RS-360SH-2885 brushed motor 
Input : DC 6-12V (marked with red point  of the  motor for positive) 
Weakness: some noise,  power consumption, starting current 2 A.
1: this pump cannot be put in water (liquid) when using , 
2: don't no-load test too long; 
3: in the inside is plastic leaves, can't suction impurity; 

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