Flexible Bright Mini LED USB

Flexible Bright Mini LED USB

Kode Produk:CJT067
Harga: Rp.30.000,00

For notebook and desktop computers. USB interface, no drive, plug and play.
USB power, no external power supply. LED light, long service life. Users operate the computer at night, without additional lighting, so as not to affect other people.


  • LED highlight lamp to ensure adequate light, bright colorful light source;
  • Long life LED, life of up to 100,000 hours;
  • Flexible metal bellows can do the whole direction of rotation, free bending, adjusting the angle, without fixation clamps, glue, etc., flexible and convenient!
  • Smooth high-grade, platinum color latest design;
  • Small size, light weight, portable, very easy to put into briefcase or folder;
  • No external power, to take power directly from the USB port inserted;
  • Super-power, power consumption is less than 40mA;
  • To Soft light illuminates your keyboard but will not affect other people around;
  • Length : 34 cm
  • Made in China

Bright white LED can ensure clear vision in the dark, in your online or playing games at night, turn off the headlights, plug in a USB light, to protect their eyes do not fatigue, but also save electricity, and without affecting the rest of others, let you enjoy the fun of networking and gaming.



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