Puzzle 4 Digit Display Module

Puzzle 4 Digit Display Module

Kode Produk:DPY040
Harga: Rp.65.000,00

The module uses an LED drive chip - TM1637 to control the contents and change the luminance. Here we drive it to display time. 1Connect the Puzzle socket marked "IN" on the LED Strip Driver and digital port 2 of the Puzzle - Base Shield with a Puzzle cable. You can change to the digital port as you like. But don't forget to change the port number in the definition of the demo code at the same time. Plug onto Arduino/duinofun or plug Puzzle- Mega Shield onto Arduino Mega.

Features :

  • Voltage : 3.3-5 VDC
  • Current : 0.2-27 ma
  • Dimjensions : 42x24x14 mm
  • 4 digit red alpha-numeric display
  • 8 adjustable luminance levels
  • merk : Duinopeak

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