Digital Display Electronic 0.36“ Led Modul

Digital Display Electronic 0.36“ Led Modul

Kode Produk:MOD0376
Harga: Rp.95.000,00
  • Dimension: Length: 50mm,Width: 19mm,Thickness: 14mm
  • Operating voltage:3V~5V(Note:the voltage is lower , lower brightness, lower power consumption) 
  • Four display modes: 
  • 1 only display time 
  • 2 only display the date 
  • 3 only display temperature 
  • 4 display the time, date, temperature alternately 
  • With temperature display function,display range:-9~60°C ,With temperature error correction,Range is -5 °C to 5 °C
  • With 24h timing error correction,Range is -9 to 9 seconds.(Note:To make the function take effect,required 24 hours of continuous power supply, that is,working 24 hours before correcting the erroronce) 
  • The DS1302 chip timing comes with a back up CR1220 battery,power-down time to continue to walk 
  • Crystal Accuracy: 5ppm 


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