2.8 inch TFT LCD screen module

2.8 inch TFT LCD screen module

Kode Produk:DPY0333
Harga: Rp.240.000,00
The 2.8" TFT LCD Module can be can be easy controlled by MCU, PIC, AVR,  and ARM .
It used in any embedded systems which require display high quality colorful image. 
 Standard SD card cage
TSC2046 4-wire touch screen controller  
ILI9325 240RGBx320 a-Si 262K color TFT controller
2.8 Inch TFT color LCD Module basic on ILI9331 Chip. 
Module Size (L * W * H): 62.99 mm * 65.69 mm * 14mm
It combines with the 320*240 TFT Display, SD card, and the touch screen function.

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