1.8 inch color LCD TFT Colour Screen

1.8 inch color LCD TFT Colour Screen

Kode Produk:DPY0223
Harga: Rp.110.000,00
Brand: Hitachi (Hitachi)
Type: TFT
Type: TX05D99VM1AAA
Size: 1.8 inches internal display (diagonal) / 1.1-inch external screen
65K colors (8/16 bit parallel mode)
       262K colors (9/18 parallel mode)
The main screen 128 X 160
Vice-screen 96 X 64
Back Light: 4 LED in parallel, Common Anode
I80 bus, 8/9/16/18 bit parallel port optional
Directly with 51, AVR, ARM, MSP430 MCU and other connected
Driver IC: HD66772/HD66774S
Driver Information: AVR microcontroller provides 51 single and routines, through the mail transmission

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