STM8L152 Discovery

STM8L152 Discovery

Kode Produk:ARM011
Harga: Rp.335.000,00

STM8L-DISCOVERY is ST introduced a series designed for ultra-low power STM8L development board.

Development board based STM8L152C6T6 design, development board also integrates ST-LINK simulation Downloader (but only provide external SWIM interface), you remove another purchase or download emulator's trouble.

Allows you to more quickly entry STM8L MCU. Unleash your creativity together now!


     Ultra-low-power microcontrollers STM8L152C6T6
         32 KB FLASH, 2 KB RAM, 1 KB EEPROM
         48-pin, LQFP package
     Development board integrates simulation ST-LINK Debugger (but only provide external SWIM interface)
         LD1: USB communication indicator
         LD2: 3.3V power indicator
         LD3: Application Indicators
         LD4: Application Indicators
     Button :
         Reset button
         Apply button
     Power supply :
         Take power through the USB 5V (system by converting regulator chip 3.3V)
         5V and 3.3V external power supply can be
     Display LCD :
         28-pin DIP
         24 segments, four public
     IDD current detection
     Rules leads all the IO ports, convenient to do experiments




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