4 DC Stepper Motor Driver Module L298N

4 DC Stepper Motor Driver Module L298N

Kode Produk:MOD086
Harga: Rp.135.000,00

4 DC Motor Driver Module Arduino DC Motor Shield L298N Motor Control board can be driven 4 dc motor at the same time.

  • 4CH DC Motor Driver controller to meet the 4WD robot chassis mobile platform.
  • Motor control chip: L298N.
  • Voltage regulator chip:7805
  • 1000ma supply of one channel
  • size of the module; length 9.5cm x width 5.0cm X high 2.8cm
  • The driver board input voltage range 6-9V
  • can directly drive two 3-12V DC motor or a stepper motor
  • provides 3.3 and 5V DC output interface
  • the module power supply (such as microcontrollers, sensor modules for different operating voltages and other 5V systems, wireless modules 3.3V system)
  • perfectly compatible with 3.3V or 5VMCU system (microcontroller, embedded CPU, etc.) to control


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